IT Service Management (Remedy) How To

The ITSM Service Request Management (SRM) application is a web portal for creating, approving and tracking service requests submitted to the California Department of Technology (CDT). Below are computer-based training videos, presentations, manuals and FAQs that provide step-by-step instructions for CDT staff and customers.

SRM Overview

• System Overview Video PDF
• How to Search Video PDF
• On Behalf of Video PDF
• My Requests Overview Video PDF
• Popular Links and FavoritesVideo

Submitting a Request

• How to Submit a Request Video PDF
• How to Copy a Request Video PDF

SRM Approval

• Approval Process Video PDF
• For Approvers and Alternates Video PDF


General Questions
Request Status Definitions
Customer Migration Waves
Recent Updates

Managing a Service Request

• How to Manage your
Video PDF
• Completion and Validation Process Video


• Reports Video PDF

Service Request Tutorials

• Basic Firewall Request Video
• Advanced Firewall Request Video
• CalCloud Request Video

SRM Submitter User Guides

• Submitter User Guide   PDF
• Submitter User Guide Addendum   PDF